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Big Brother’s National DNA Database: Another Orwellian Threat To Civil Liberties

State law enforcement officials and the FBI have invested a significant amount of resources on creating a national DNA database under the guise of solving more crimes. In reality, the creation of such a database is another example of the government posing a threat to our civil liberties, and continues our country’s trajectory towards an Orwellian police/surveillance state. While some may have genuine interests in keeping track of sex offenders and other violent criminals, the state has its own ulterior motives – namely, the tracking and surveillance of its citizens. In May 2009, the number of individuals included in the national DNA database (CODIS – Combined DNA Index System) vastly increased thanks to a decision by the FBI and 15 states to include DNA samples from individuals awaiting trial. Previously, the federal government only collected genetic samples from individuals who were actually convicted of a crime. The FBI expected its database, which contained approximately 6.7 million genetic profiles prior to its decision to expand the number of individuals eligible for inclusion,… Keep Reading


Bernie Sanders, Karl Marx, And “Democratic Socialism.”

Despite his bleak prospects for securing the Democrat nomination, Bernie Sanders has amassed a popularity that indicates his ideas are far from dead. Sanders is a Socialist, and young people in particular love it. But, they are quick to remind us, he is not like the brutal Marxist regimes we read about in our history books…he’s a DEMOCRATIC Socialist. We are told that this is a considerable difference. But is Democratic Socialism so different from historic Marx’s Socialism? Let’s take a look at the history of these ideas: The term “Socialism” was coined by Pierre Leroux, a Saint-Simonian (referring to those influenced by Saint Simon, who is often considered the father of Socialism, although this is contestable). The Saint-Simonians, in the tradition of all the early Socialists, favored the complete abolition of private property, which they believed was the basis for exploitation. They therefore wanted to abolish private property in its entirety. The early socialist ideas were muddy, though. When the Saint-Simonians were referring to private property, they only… Keep Reading


The Divide Of CPAC 2016

A unified conservative front was nowhere to be found at the Conservative Political Action Conference this year. While standing in the two-hour line to get into the ballroom on Friday, I watched as a young woman was introducing herself to a group of students. The students wore “Dump Trump” pins on their CPAC lanyards and were vocal about their dislike of the candidate. Hesitantly, the young woman wove into the conversation a question that seemed to be lingering on her mind for a while: “Would you guys consider being friends with someone who supports Donald Trump?” She was a Trump supporter, and it was obvious she had been receiving the cold shoulder for it all day. The environment at CPAC this year was hostile. Watching the GOP debate with hundreds of other conservatives exemplified the divide felt at this year’s conference. While your expected cheers and applause were heard after most candidates spoke, there were notable exceptions. At the beginning of the evening, Fox News Host Sean Hannity tried to unify… Keep Reading



The video from inside the car where LaVoy Finicum was shot has been released, and what was seen is sure to incite anger nationwide. The video shows LaVoy Finicum and the people in his car driving away from a police group who had pulled them over, and then crashing into a snowbank to avoid hitting a roadblock. As Finicum approaches the roadblock you can hear the shots being fired at the vehicle and see the passengers react to the FBI shooting at them as they were driving. Finicum crashes and immediately comes out of the car as a shot is coming through the back seat window on the drivers side. LaVoy comes out of the car with his hands up and is shot after just a few steps, causing him to reach for his wound. He then reaches for it again, turns around and is gunned down by the FBI agent behind him. The FBI then proceeds to fire upon the people in the car several times despite absolutely… Keep Reading


Austin Petersen: “Ron Paul Sounds Like He Hates America”

“The more I listen to Ron Paul the more I think he actually despises this country” -Austin Petersen Austin Petersen has emerged as one of the frontrunners for the Libertarian Party nomination, campaigning as a son of the Ron Paul revolution who hopes to bring conservative leaning libertarians into the tent in order to create a broad enough coalition to win the Libertarian nomination. Petersen has been fairly articulate in the debates, arguing that he will be the man to bring on significant numbers of Republican voters should Donald Trump be the Republican nominee. Petersen boasts of his credentials in working for Judge Andrew Napolitano and founding The Libertarian Republic. That being said, Petersen’s campaign may run into some trouble if this incendiary audio gets out within the liberty grassroots. In July of 2014 Petersen stated that Ron Paul sounded like he hates America as a response to an AP article which stated Paul was defending Russia. Petersen also stated that he thought Ron Paul was using the same tactics as… Keep Reading


Words, What Do They Mean?

Among the various sects of libertarianism, one has been receiving a certain amount of undue attention: “left”-libertarianism. As an anarcho-capitalist, I have my disagreements with left-libertarians, and am curious as to why they are generating the amount of interest they are. One reason for this may be their mode of communication. Attempting to decipher much of the libertarian left’s vocabulary is akin to reading a horoscope. Their success may, in large part, be credited to their refusal to pin down definitions. Without unambiguous definitions, one may simply apply his own interpretations thereby rendering the content far more relatable (much like a horoscope).  Left-libertarians tend to be more highly specialized than the average progressive, owing to their relatively greater interest in esoteric subjects.  There’s something that ties the libertarian left’s usage of obscure language to the postmodernist movement¹. The basic foundation of postmodernism comes from Kant. Then, building on Kant, you have Hegel and Marx, which in recent decades has been successful with ties to “deconstructionism” in literary criticism from… Keep Reading


Where Have All The CPAC Libertarians Gone?

The halls of the Conservative Political Action Conference were not humming with the excitement of liberty as it has been in years past. The Conservative Political Action Conference in 2015 was as close to a libertarian dream as the conference has ever come. Enthusiastic young libertarians, optimistic that liberty would prevail in the 2016 election, proudly sported their Stand With Rand shirts draped in pro-liberty stickers and pins. Panels were presented incorporating libertarian ideas, such as the Privacy versus Security debate with Judge Andrew Napolitano and The Red Pill or The Blue Pill? A Debate on Marijuana Legalization with Governor Gary Johnson. “It was amazing to see conservatives and libertarians coalescing at the conference last year,” said West Chester University of Pennsylvania student Bri Jamshidi, a three-time CPAC attendee. But where were all the libertarians at CPAC this year? Last year, libertarian speakers, panels, and attendees seemed to be a focal point at the conference. Attendees couldn’t miss the negative boo’s at references to American foreign intervention or the… Keep Reading


What Went Wrong With Rand Paul 2016

It has been a little over a month since Kentucky Senator Rand Paul dropped out of the presidential race, but for liberty activists across the country it has seemed like an eternity as we watch what has become a very depressing primary process unfolding. At this point most in the liberty movement are simply trying to gain a sense of what happened and how to fix it. Some have argued that this was the cycle of Trump and there was absolutely nothing that we could have done to change the outcome in the end, and that even Ron Paul would have run into a similar fate. While I believe there is some truth to the idea that Trump would have always won in the end, there is no doubt that mistakes were made on the campaign trail  and build up to the campaign which prevented us from galvanizing the sort of donor base, social media prevalence and grassroots engagement that set Ron Paul’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns apart. Before we… Keep Reading

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