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February 2016


Media Matters: Leading The War On Free Speech

Continuing a campaign against “hate speech”, the White House propaganda arm known as Media Matters has pushed CNN to cut ties with Donald Trump ally and former adviser Roger Stone following comments Stone made on Twitter regarding CNN political analyst Ana Navarro. Stone, who was labeled a “dirty trickster”, “racist” and “sexist” by Media Matters, was a regular guest on CNN until being cut from the network earlier this week. “He will no longer appear as a guest on CNN” a spokesperson told POLITICO. Stone responded to his comments about Navarro in an e-mail statement. “I am an unapologetic critic of Ana Navarro because I question her qualifications to opine on any political topic- she is a ‘Republican strategist’ who has never actually worked on any campaign beyond an honorific title…” Stone continued, “I am politically incorrect but it appears CNN is bowing to pressure from the Clinton apparatus – not very appropriate for an supposedly unbiased news network.” While it is reasonable to suggest some of Stone’s comments… Keep Reading


A Winning Ticket For The GOP Presidential Nomination

America faces a serious choice in 2016. The question is a simple one. Do we continue or expand upon the policies of Barack Obama, or do we make a decisive choice to step away from the abyss and back into the light of freedom and justice by renewing the promise of a new American century? From the beginnings of his insurgent, grassroots campaign for Senate in 2011, I have always supported Ted Cruz, and knew that he would be the strongest, boldest voice for a Conservative renewal of America. His understanding of and dedication to the Constitution far exceed that of any other candidate. His respect of the rule of law has no fiercer champion. His views on domestic and foreign policy are solid and logical. He represents the heart and soul and triumph of the Conservative movement in America, and would make a great President, and I feel very comfortable endorsing him. That being said, I’ve argued for a long time that Marco Rubio offers a compelling story… Keep Reading


5 Tips For Debating Your Liberal Professor

By this point in the semester, you have probably realized that one of your professors is a raging liberal disguising himself or herself as an everyday professor. Here are five tips when debating your liberal professors: 1. Always be polite and respectful. It is important when debating a topic, especially emotional political topics, that you keep your cool at all times. Raising your voice or getting irrational in some way takes away from the validity of your argument. Listen intently while your professor responds and do not interrupt or try to speak over them. The calmer and more level-headed you can be, the more your fellow students will be open to your opinions and the more your professor will gain respect for you; 2. Choose your battles. If I raised my hand to argue back against my professors every time they presented a skewed view to my class, I would probably be getting the best arm exercise each class! If you have had professors like I have, who only… Keep Reading


Some People Just Want To Watch The World Bern.

My question to Bernie Sanders supporters: When someone in Bangladesh observes your lifestyle, it seems as incredible to them as that of the 1% seems to you. Why are they not entitled to help themselves to your things, the way you consider yourself morally entitled to help yourself to the goods of the American rich? In your answer, avoid moral irrelevancies like national borders; can we tolerate inequality just because it’s cross-border? Extra credit: take a picture of yourself divesting yourself of most of your goods in the name of global equality. -Thomas E. Woods With every election cycle there is likewise a new hopeful candidate that promises to go against the powers that be. This campaign cycle is a prime example with Bernie Sanders leading the charge. Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont, has swept in with promises of ending corruption, and greed, while simultaneously spreading fairness, equality, and free services. And like any politician who gains support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices, millions have flocked… Keep Reading


Freedom Caucus Leader Raul Labrador Endorses Ted Cruz

Idaho Representative and Freedom Caucus leader Raul Labrador has endorsed Senator Ted Cruz for President, National Review reported yesterday. Labrador joins fellow Freedom Caucus members Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), who previously indicated support for the Senator from Texas. Labrador, long viewed as an ally of the Liberty Movement, earned support from liberty icon Rep. Justin Amash for house speaker in 2013 and until recently served as Western State Chair for Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign. Cruz, the only candidate to contest Paul for the liberty vote over the course of the 2016 cycle, has drawn strong support from the movement in the wake of the latter’s departure from the race. The addition of Labrador could allow him to make an even stronger play for the libertarian bloc.   Keep Reading


Hasbro And Larry Summers Join The War Against Cash

Central banks and other globalist interests have long sought to eliminate cash and replace it with an entirely digital currency as another method of directly controlling the global population. Now, the toy manufacturer Hasbro and former Secretary of the Treasury and Chief Economist of the World Bank Larry Summers have joined the propaganda war against cash. In his editorial for The Washington Post, entitled “It’s time to kill the $100 bill”, Summers suggests removing high denomination notes such as the $100 bill and the 500 Euro note from circulation in order to reduce crime and corruption. To accomplish this goal, Summers calls for “a global agreement to stop issuing notes worth more than say $50 or $100.” The European Central Bank appears to be following suit, as reports have emerged that ECB President Mario Draghi is planning to remove the 500 Euro note from circulation. “There is a pervasive and increasing conviction in the world of public opinion that high denomination banknotes are used for criminal purposes … It’s… Keep Reading


Feds Move In On Oregon Refuge; REFUSING Negotiation With Occupiers

As we speak the FBI has moved in on the Malheur Refuge, surrounding the building with armed agents and even helicopters. The FBI is not negotiating with the occupiers to allow Assemblywoman Michele Fiore into the building to bring the occupiers out peacefully, saying the time for negotiation has passed. They continue to say they will not allow anyone on the refuge. Pray for a peaceful resolution. Keep Reading


Iowa Just Destroyed The “Rand Or Nobody” Narrative

Iowa was the final act for a number of presidential candidates, including liberty candidate Sen. Rand Paul – but the reason Paul dropped might come as a shock to many. Though the Rand campaign made many overtures to his father’s base in the final months, Rand Paul did not carry the Iowa libertarian vote. Among the chief victims of the dramatic Ted Cruz win Monday night was the “libertarians won’t vote for Cruz” narrative pedaled for the last year by the Rand Paul campaign. The caucus results have been sliced and diced a hundred ways, and with Sen. Rand Paul’s subsequent exit from the presidential race, the question of where the liberty vote will go is finally being asked — a question Iowa already answered. Sen. Cruz’s win was hailed as a show of power for Iowa’s evangelicals, but the math simply doesn’t add up for that narrative. Even if Cruz benefited from the Trump-inspired turnout bump — for which there is little evidence — that doesn’t explain his leapfrogging Trump and finishing more than… Keep Reading


Romanticizing Reagan: Part II – Regulations And Free Trade

Continued from Part II: Regulations and Free Trade. Perhaps Reagan’s most egregious hypocrisies were his actions in the name of the “War on Drugs” while espousing the common bromides about liberty. “Government’s first duty,” a common Reagan quote from a 1981 speechbegins, “is to protect the people, not run their lives.” But when it came to what people put into their bodies – even for medicinal purposes – Reagan was energetically devoted to running the lives of United States citizens. In 1982, the National Academy of Sciences published a six-year study that concluded with a recommendation for the decriminalizing of marijuana which, the study said, had “as yet no clear evidence on the possible long-term effects” on potential health consequence. Reagan chose to ignore this study and, in the same year, picked up the Nixon mantle and raised “the battle flag . . . to win the war on drugs.” California marijuana was one of his primary targets. Under this small-government, liberty loving president, government spending on law enforcement, prisons, and the Drug… Keep Reading


How To Get Forced Into Saying “I Told You So” Without Trying

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article for Liberty Conservatives Magazine predicting that the Rand Paul campaign would not see success in terms of voter numbers, but instead would leave a legacy with much larger implications than a short term presidential bid would normally have. I argued that Rand’s maverick approach to not only 2016, but his entire career as a politician thus far would go on to influence politics in a positive, long-term way, and that his supporters (a camp I find myself weaving in and out of depending on the issue at hand) should celebrate that fact rather than mourn the loss Rand’s current run was likely going to suffer. That was a positive article. It was pro-Rand Paul. But it was also realistic — something I frankly think the Paul fandom at large has a lot of trouble being at times. The people who read this aforementioned article had mixed results, but no comments I got directly were nearly as positive as I felt while… Keep Reading


The Liberty Conservative Endorses Rand Paul For President

When we founded The Liberty Conservative in May of 2014 our mission was to promote the vision of less government and more liberty in achieving true prosperity for all through interviewing and endorsing candidates who shared those ideas, as well as bringing on several outstanding writers to help us in the spread of those ideas. From our first interview with congressional candidate Tom McMillin to our interview with Senator Ted Cruz and our many other congressional and activist interviews our goal has been to inform you to the best of our ability where the candidates stand on issues which are important to liberty voters and help you determine through tough questioning who the best choice is for your support in the many state and federal elections that we have covered. This presidential primary has been a whirlwind of activity for the liberty movement and conservatism at large, with the rise of Donald Trump causing many to question the future of the limited government vision of the conservative movement. People… Keep Reading

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