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December 2015


Republican Establishment Betrays American People; Omnibus Fully Funds Obama’s Agenda

The House and Senate, with bipartisan majorities, passed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending package that funds the federal government through September, 2016. Despite frantic last-minute lobbying efforts by Speaker Paul Ryan and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that made passage seem uncertain, the House passed the bill by a lopsided vote of 316-113. 95 House Republicans bucked Speaker Ryan and the Republican leadership and voted no, joining 18 Democrats in doing so. The Senate later passed the bill by a vote of 65-33, with six Democrats and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont joining 26 Republicans in opposition. Despite historic gains in the midterm elections in 2010 and 2014, leaving Republicans with majorities in the House and Senate, the Republican leadership choose to thumb their noses at the voters who elected them to halt President Obama’s far-left agenda and approve a spending bill that fully funds every item in his agenda. The mainstream media, and the Democratic Party establishment, have suggested the reason behind the willingness of the Republican leadership… Keep Reading


Ted Cruz’s 10 Biggest Flip Flops

As the 2016 GOP Primaries come into view, less than 60 days until the Iowa Caucuses, one candidate has crafted an image of being the most consistent conservative candidate in the field. It would certainly be hard to find a candidate who is more in touch with the “talk radio” wing of the party than Ted Cruz, and he has tried hard to stake out a position as a conservative truth teller and man of principle in this primary. Despite his background in the Bush administration, he has had some success with this strategy. That being said, libertarians and conservatives deserve to know the whole story, and Cruz has had a series of flip flops on several important issues which may cause some to question the sincerity of his positions. Unfortunately the media has been very slow to report these facts, so I have compiled a short list of some (not all) of Ted Cruz’s greatest flip flops. 1. Allowing The States To Legalize Marijuana Ted Cruz raised the… Keep Reading


Why Syria And Iraq Need To Be Balkanized

For the past several years Americans have been inundated with the horrific, tragic, and utterly inhumane news coming out of Iraq and more recently Syria. Both of these failed states have become the epicenter of an ethno-religious sectarian conflict that has brought nothing but misery, destruction, poverty, and death to the peoples of the region. It is no surprise that both Iraq and Syria share many of the same underlying problems. Both nation’s borders were conceived as a product of the World Wars and their aftermaths rather than the actual ethnic, linguistic, historical, or religious factors on the ground. As a result various differing peoples were forced to come under the same central government rule, with some groups benefiting from this arrangement, while many others lost out. The result of these artificial lines in the sand are patently obvious to even a casual observer of the news cycle today. The spiral into ever more conflict and blood seems never-ending and many have lost all hope in the possibility of… Keep Reading


Ignorance Epidemic: End The War On The Second Amendment In America

The New York Times dedicated nearly a third of its front page to an editorial promoting gun control following the San Bernardino shooting. The editorial board, ignoring many other historical moments over the last century, decided increased gun control was an important enough issue to warrant its first front page editorial since choosing to criticize the Republican Party for nominating Warren G. Harding for President in 1920. Arguing that it is a “moral outrage and a national disgrace” that Americans are able to purchase weapons “designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency”, the editorial board makes a direct call to American citizens to turn in their guns “for the good of their fellow citizens.” That statement demonstrates a view held by many liberals: it is the sole responsibility of the state to protect us and private gun ownership is a hindrance to that goal. Referring to firearms as “tools of macho vigilantism and even insurrection”, gun owners are portrayed as men trying to reassert their masculinity… Keep Reading

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