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October 2015


Freedom Is Everything

Although there is very little on which we agree, Marxists and socialists have provided me with some excellent philosophical discussions.  One such person recently wrote this article in which he attempted to take to task the libertarian concept of freedom.  The piece starts out well enough as he does a decent job describing how libertarians view the concept: “What the libertarians mean by freedom is that the government does not interfere in the lives of private citizens.  If we were freed from government coercion, people would have a good life, because the free market would regulate our lives, and we would need no bureaucrat to tell us how to live wisely.” Nothing there that I take issue with.  The rest of the piece, though; is littered with logical fallacies and false conclusions.  His primary thesis is that if an individual must work in order to survive, then he is not free; true freedom is to choose leisure over labor.  Throughout, he draws on his personal experiences in education and… Keep Reading


Muskets, Militia And The Second Amendment

“We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” – Eric Holder, former U.S. Attorney General   There has been a Gun-Free Zone shooting every day of President Barack Obama’s second term. It has become yet another hallmark of Omerica. And now he’s calling for national “gun safety laws” to stop “gun violence” in America. Many Politicians and pundits point to “assault rifles” and “high-capacity magazines” and insist they don’t belong in a civilized society. Back in the 1970s, they said the same thing about “Saturday Night Specials” in New York City. Gun control zealots will target firearms whether they carry 30 rounds or 5 bullets in a snub-nose revolver. And they’ll come up with scary names. Then they trot out the nonsense statistics and scenarios. “You have a greater chance of having a gun taken and used against you than if you don’t have a gun.” Really? Well, what chance do we have to… Keep Reading


Ted Cruz Doesn’t Read CISA, Votes For It Anyways

Ted Cruz disappointed advocates of internet freedom on Thursday, voting for the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), a bill that incentivizes businesses to turn over third party records to both the government and other businesses for purposes of “cyber security”. Civil liberties advocates such as the ACLU, Rand Paul and a slew of major tech companies such as Google and Apple have come out against CISA, arguing that it essentially amounts to government surveillance. Though no explanation has come from Cruz’s office, it is a vote that is likely to stun many of his supporters.This is contrary to Cruz’s stated support of internet freedom, having campaigned on the issue both very recently and extensively throughout the primary season. Perhaps the most shocking thing, however, is a video from an October 15th Iowa town hall meeting where Cruz states that he has not studied the CISA bill. The video brings into serious question whether Cruz read the bill before he voted for it on Thursday. This meeting was just one… Keep Reading


Is America a Democracy Or a Republic?

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. Liberty is two wolves and a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”– Benjamin Franklin Our Constitutional Republic is designed to do exactly that – to prevent mob rule. We hear a lot of talk from politicians about the will of people and political mandates. They point to polls and focus groups for agreement. They justify passing laws that hurt some Americans for the benefit of others under the banner of shared responsibility or personal sacrifice. President Barack Obama says it’s how our Democracy works. A democracy is generally understood to be rule by the people. But a pure democracy is rule by the majority of the people, which is essentially tyranny of the majority. A republic is distinguished by mass voter participation, and by representatives who govern for the people. Since we can’t all meet under the same tree at the same time to agree on rules and laws, we send representatives to the capitol on… Keep Reading


Ted Cruz’s Neocon Problem

Ted Cruz has been trying to market himself as an acceptable alternative to Rand Paul for liberty minded voters who are looking for a champion in the 2016 election. Recently the publishing of an info graphic by former Liberty Iowa Executive Director Adil Khan and myself brought some very important questions to light regarding Ted Cruz’s foreign policy inner circle. Liberty voters should be seriously concerned by Cruz’s advisory team, as it threatens to be the most war like advisory team since the George W Bush defense department. This cast of characters should truly horrify any person who cares about civil liberties or a non interventionist foreign policy. It includes a Chertoff group cofounder as a campaign manager, CFR and George W Bush administration members as foreign policy advisors, and enough cringe worthy quotes to fill a short book. Take a look for yourself. Ted Cruz’s Neocon Problem | Create your own infographics Just to review, in that group of advisers you have a man who called for Edward… Keep Reading


Wanted: Dead Or Alive – What The RLC Vote Really Says About The Liberty Movement

It turns out the death of the Liberty Movement has been greatly exaggerated. At the first sign of some sputtering from the presidential campaign of “libertarian-ish” Sen. Rand Paul, critics and pundits gleefully took to the web to declare the so-called “libertarian moment” over. But those seeking evidence of the continued relevance of America’s youngest and most vibrant political faction may just be looking in all the wrong places. Of course one shortfall in the arithmetic of those waiting to dance on the grave of libertarianism is that it attempts to judge the fate of a movement by the electoral success or failure of a single candidate.  That doesn’t make sense by anyone’s standards, but makes even less sense in relation to a group as ideologically diverse as the Liberty Movement. Contributing to the confusion were many liberty folks who placed all their eggs in the basket of the Randidacy from the get-go; attempting to force the movement into the shape of the younger Paul despite widespread hesitation within… Keep Reading


Ted Cruz’s Faux Liberty Takeover

There has recently been a string of press detailing Ted Cruz’s attempts to poach Liberty minded voters from libertarian Republican candidate Rand Paul. These stories invariably will contain references to several former Ron Paul supporters who now back Ted Cruz, painting a picture of a movement that is at least partially divided on the presidential race. Former Liberty Iowa Executive Director Adil Khan put together a chart demonstrating just the opposite. Of Ted Cruz’s 99 county chairs in Iowa, a paltry six of them supported Ron Paul in 2012 and only two supported him in 2008 and 2012. Khan’s graphic also notes the overwhelming support of the liberty congressional caucus for Rand Paul over Ted Cruz, with Rand winning over 3/4ths of the total endorsements and 100% of the endorsements outside of Cruz’s home state of Texas and Paul’s home state of Kentucky. Ted Cruz’s Liberty | Create your own infographics In contrast, Rand Paul announced a leadership team in Iowa that included 9 of the 10 State Central… Keep Reading

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