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I Fought The Law

In September of last year, I was pulled over by a quota-driven cop and given a ticket for speeding. The ticket carried with it a significant fine and the addition of 4-points onto my license. This past Thursday (May 28, 2015), I successfully defended myself in court, and had the charges dismissed. Leaving aside the fact that I had committed no real crime (there was no victim), the financial ramifications of this “crime” would have hurt me significantly, and I felt a strong urge to fight the charges and pursue true justice. Just a month prior, I had received and was eventually convicted of a separate traffic “crime” which also carried a significant fine and was a 2-point violation. Had I been convicted of the second September “crime,” I would have not only had a significant increase in the cost of my insurance, but because the “crimes” took place within an arbitrary time limit, I also would have been labeled as a Super-Duper-Violator-of-Arbitrary-Traffic-Laws-and-Limits-on-Velocity-of-Travel (or something like that) offender. This… Keep Reading


Mudslinging, Hysteria, And Accusation: No, Relax, Rand Paul Really Is Pro-life

Perhaps the terms mudslinging and hysteria are too strong, but not after some of what I’ve seen on facebook and in comment sections since part of Rand Paul’s interview from the National Convention Center was made public. There’s been a little bit of upset on the part of some of his supporters, and a lot of gleeful salivating from the mouths of his detractors in social conservative wing of the GOP who support other candidates. It’s all because of about five minutes, if that, of his comments to Philadelphia radio talk show host Dom Giordano. It’s all in relation to this article, and the comments it generated out there on the internet. The article quotes Senator Paul at length, and it quotes him accurately. I was there (third row– fat lady with the pink and brown hair), and I’ve listened to the interview a few times in order to pull quotes from it myself. That accuracy belies the responses that have occurred out in the Magical Cyber Kingdom, where… Keep Reading


4 Things You Didn’t Know About The TPP… Or Is It The TPA?

The Far Left and the Far Right finally have something to agree on: opposition to the package of legislative endeavors leading up to what has been dubbed “Obamatrade”. The issue has given rise to the most bizarre coalitions, with Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee joining Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren in opposing the deal, and Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Rod Blum siding with President Obama and John Boehner to support it. Broad criticisms have been matched against vague praise, and nobody really seems to know what’s going on. Meanwhile, social media has gone become a political Chernobyl – a radioactive chaos of arguments on an issue where the typical battle lines have become irrelevant. At least half of the conservative internet has simply decided to give a confused shrug and side with their presidential candidate of choice, using the rare alliances to leverage guilt by association. The fact of the matter is that there is no conservative – or liberal – consensus on trade promotion authority or… Keep Reading


“The NSA Knows I Bought This Rand Paul TShirt”

When Rand Paul put out the call to design his next t-shirt, he didn’t expect such an overwhelming response. There were 160 entries from across the nation, which were narrowed down to 10 by a campaign team committee. Thousands of votes later, one t-shirt, designed by Chris Mandle of Mandle Design was the winner. His design, which simply said, “The NSA knows I bought this t-shirt.” was simple and funny. When asked about his inspiration for the design, he said, “I was looking for a quick impact message that was a little tongue-in-cheek and would make people laugh when they saw it, even though it reflects a legitimate concern of many voters.” A close second was Rand Paul in a John Paul Jones look alike outfit saying a line from his announcement speech, “We have come to take our country back.” Third and fourth were more simple. They both had head and shoulder’s images of Rand Paul. Third has the words, “Liberty Bro” and fourth simply says, “Fearless.” “The… Keep Reading


Rand Paul Opposes Obama Fast Track Authority, Cruz & Rubio In Favor

One of the major issues that has caused a divide of late in the Republican presidential field is the granting of fast track authority to the Obama administration to negotiate the Trans Pacific Partnership. Earlier tonight, Senator Rand Paul came out against granting Obama fast track authority. Paul told that “the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement ‘is being held under lock and key’ by the Obama administration ‘because they’re afraid that if the public knows what we are going to vote on, that somehow that would destroy the republic.'” This is a move that builds on Paul’s long record of being an advocate of US sovereignty, notably being the most anti-UN candidate in the race. It also stands in clear contrast to two other candidates in the race, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who have advocated in favor of granting Obama this authority. This is notable for Ted Cruz in particular, whose position is very out of step with the conservative grassroots he is currently courting for votes. It… Keep Reading


Conservatism Resurgent: The World Turns Right

Across the globe, in elections in the United Kingdom, Israel, America, India, France, South Korea among others, the people have begun to rise up against the forces of authoritarianism, the forces of hatred and the forces of division, turning their backs on the leftist, secular, divisive ideology and the parties and the corrupt politicians – Socialists, Progressives, Liberals and Democrats – who represent it. Increasingly voters are turning right, returning to conservatism that harbors values and ideas that form the foundations of morality, ethics, liberty and freedom. In America, the Republican party benefited from the rise of the Tea Party – a grassroots response to the excessive authoritarianism of the Obama regime. The advent of the Tea Party heralded the return of Conservatism not only to the halls of Congress, but to local municipalities and state houses across the land in 2010, continuing in 2012 and 2014. While the media and the Left claim that the subsequent decrease in “Tea Party activism,” they willingly ignore that in the face of the vaunted Obama… Keep Reading


How US Tax Dollars Helped To Fuel The Murders In Garissa

What causes me the greatest sadness and heartache is the loss of innocent life. It happens too often and it happens all over the world. Whether it’s victims of drone bombings, suicide bombers, terrorists, deranged lunatics, overly-zealous cops, or even accidents, every time I hear about such an occurrence, I feel a sorrow that cuts deep. When I think of the victims and their families, I am overcome with sympathy. When gunmen raided Garissa University College in the early morning hours of Thursday, April 2nd, it was one of the more appalling recent examples of such loss of life on a large scale. At least 147 innocent people (the majority being young students) were shot and killed in the attack. This event in particular hit me even harder than most. Two of the most amazing women I know are from Kenya. One of them is currently living there, and the other likely will soon be. Given my relationship with the latter, it is increasingly likely that I could end… Keep Reading

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