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September 2014


Ben Carson: Counterfeit Conservative

If you are a member of the conservative movement who has been paying even a modicum of attention, you have no doubt noticed the rise of the “Draft Ben Carson for President” movement. The group made their first major statement by coming in 3rd place in the CPAC 2014 straw poll, just 2 points behind the 2nd place finisher, Texas senator Ted Cruz. Carson beat out well organized, well known names such as Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum and Marco Rubio for the third place finish. Since that point, Carson and his loyal group of followers have begun to create quite a wave within our movement, winning straw polls (on the FreedomWorks Online Straw Poll he is currently in 1st place) and raising millions of dollars in the process. Anybody who listens to Sean Hannity has undoubtedly heard the “Run, Ben, Run!” commercials on his radio show, and anybody who goes on comment threads online cannot possibly deny Carson’s reach and influence. Despite all of this excitement around… Keep Reading


A Time For War: How Foreign Policy Can Make Or Break The Liberty Movement

The Middle East is in flames again, and for once, Liberty people seem unsure what to think about it.  For years our only rallying cry was “no more nation-building – bring the troops home!” And for a while, that was enough.  Our foreign policy ideals were so diametrically opposed to those in play for the last few administrations, we didn’t need to nail down all the details of our ideology.  Mere assertion sufficed. But the situation in Iraq has brought the Liberty Movement to a crossroads. On one side, Ron Paul’s steady non-interventionism is what first drew many people to the Movement, and the case could even be made that these foreign-policy-first libertarians form the core of the Liberty Movement.  These folks steadfastly believe that the United States should bring all military forces home and leave the world to its own devices, relying on free trade and free association to govern international affairs.  But this group has fallen strangely silent in the wake of all the images coming out… Keep Reading


Listen Or Ignore The Voices?

In our daily lives, we hear thousands of voices. They come from TV, the internet, our family, our friends, our churches, and every other place where we have interaction with others. Everyone has their opinion on how we should think or what we should believe. Who do we listen to? You may come across a few different types of people in your day to day interactions. There are those who basically parrot whatever their preferred source for opinion is. Whether they get their opinion from Bill O’Reilly, John Stewart, or even a good source it is obvious they just repeat what they are told to think without much critical thought. Buzz words are usually a generous portion of their argument, and logical fallacies are contained in their comebacks (for more on logical fallacies click here). Strive to not be one of those people. Spend some time on introspection to determine whether you have any depth or originality to your opinions. Next are the people who watch Fox News and… Keep Reading


Cruzin For a Bruisin

A funny thing happened to Senator Ted Cruz on his way to an “In Defense of Christians” event,  he turned it into a rally for Israel and an attack on Christians who disagree with his narrow views.  When a hit piece on the conference alleged that one of the Lebanese Patriarchs had worked with Hezbollah against ISIS,  according to Reinvented Daddy, the senator decided to deploy his “hate-seeking Cruz missiles” and ditch the group in order to score points with  the Israeli lobby. First of all he showed his Philistine ways by confusing  the purpose of the event and who his audience was and made outrageous allegations towards members of the group.  These Christian leaders are in a life and death struggle with ISIS and didn’t need the senator to pile on top of the most persecuted group in the world, Middle Eastern Christians.  Amazingly the group was able to cobble together the Patriarchs of the Middle East of various squabbling denominations.  What brought them together was a focus… Keep Reading


President Obama Is No “isolationist”

Former President George W. Bush has been getting a majority of the blame for the instability within the Middle East. Two costly wars drastically plagued America throughout the Bush era. The estimated costs for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are estimated to total somewhere between 4 to 6 trillion dollars. By 2012, the cost was about 2 trillion dollars and 20 percent of the debt accumulated in the past decade was due to these two wars. However, should the American public only blame President Bush for the two wars? Should he take full responsibility and his successor takes none? President Obama campaigned on ending the War in Iraq during the 2008 election. After giving an impressive anti-war speech in 2002, Obama continued to oppose the war and wanted a quick withdrawal in 2007 stating “I have a plan that will bring our combat troops home by March of 2008. Letting the Iraqis know that we will not be there forever is our last, best hope to pressure the… Keep Reading


I’m a Conservative, And I Care About Income Inequality

“The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.”   As a young man growing up in a conservative home in the ‘90s, I must have heard this cliché thrown around by liberals a thousand times.  I really never gave it much thought. Even though my family often toed the poverty line, we worked hard to be self-sufficient and never accept government aid.  To me, income inequality was just a talking point used to attack hard-working business people, and a way to prime voters for the goodies the Democrats planned to buy votes with next election cycle: free health care, free education, food stamps, welfare, etc.  Trickle-down economics made sense to me, and I could see how government policies that benefited business would also help the working-class folks who relied on those businesses for jobs, products, and services. But now, four administrations later, I’m starting to see wage and income gaps in a very different way.  A new report is showing that income inequality is accelerating in the US, and that the… Keep Reading


Bitcoin: Catalyst For Financial Freedom And Responsibility

What is Bitcoin? To some Bitcoin is just another currency or something equivalent of digital gold. I beg to differ. Bitcoin is not just a currency and payment gateway but a social, political and economic game changer. Bitcoin is fueling a movement towards common sense economic principles and most importantly global financial inclusion. In October of 2008, an individual with the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, published the first white paper on Bitcoin entitled, “Bitcoin: a Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System”. Satoshi highlighted a new technology he was developing as an open source project. What he may not have realized was the extent of the freedom promoting nature of Bitcoin. As a digital payment gateway, Bitcoin is a tool to send money to anyone around the world with internet connection. Bitcoin also has many promising features to promote financial independence, security, and expediency in transactions. What many continue to ignore is that the current economic infrastructure is simply not working. How is it, that we have a global financial… Keep Reading


The Confessions Of a Once Raging Liberal

In my first year at the university, a friend of mine referred to me as a raging liberal.  I was very involved in the peace movement and still believe that offensive war is a failure of governments to solve disagreements in a rational way.  While I disagree vigorously with the postmodern association of “liberalism” as being synonymous with relativism, I am a liberal in the classic sense in that I believe in the free exchange of ideas and the ability of reason to determine between the good and the evil, the beautiful and the ugly and the intelligent and the ignorant.  Unlike the relativist who has a hard time making judgments, this ability to discriminate is the true sign of an enlightened individual. As a confused and misguided college youth, I flirted with the dead end of liberalism and in hindsight, would certainly do some things differently.  Like Reagan who came out of the left, I found it much more dangerous to our Republic than anything on the right.… Keep Reading

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