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June 2014


Rand Paul: The Most Conservative, The Most Electable

It may seem rather unbelievable, but we are only 7-8 months away from the 2016 primaries starting to ramp up, with several candidates saying they will begin to make their decisions in early 2015. Though we have the most wide open field the Republican Party has ever seen at this juncture, it would not be a stretch to say that Rand Paul is the current frontrunner for the GOP nomination. Indeed, through all of his recent actions Paul is showing both the vision and the ability to put together the kind of organization that is necessary for him to win the nomination and the presidency. This has given libertarians and constitutional conservatives alike plenty of reason to be excited for the future.   Though the polling can obviously change, as it stands in late June Rand Paul is leading the plurality of early national polls for the GOP nomination. Both the latest CNN/Opinion Research and ABC News/Wash Post polls have Paul winning by 2 points and 1 point, respectively,… Keep Reading


How To Win The War On Poverty

Lyndon Johnson launched the “War on Poverty” in 1964. In the fifty years since its inception, hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars have been spent by the government, countless governmental programs have been implemented, and numerous and enormous bureaucracies have been created. The results of these initiatives have largely been that of failure, but excuses continue to be made as to why prior programs have failed, why subsequent reforms have failed, and new programs and reforms are continuously proposed and implemented. In spite of all this, present times and recent history have seen a shrinking of the middle class along with an ever-widening disparity between the very wealthy and those who are barely getting by. Living standards largely do not seem to be improving for the lower and middle classes. For the first time in this country’s history, the younger generations do not have the expectation of doing better than their previous generation. If legislating away poverty was possible, it would have occurred long ago. For poverty… Keep Reading


The Case For a Caucus

Primary elections (and a runoff election of note) were held on June 24th in numerous states. Candidates for office were chosen to represent various political parties. The voters spoke one way or another. Millions of dollars were spent. The airwaves were clogged with advertisements, the mailboxes with literature, and the streets with signs. All of this should be changed, and here is why. The purpose of a primary election is to select candidates for the general election. In many states, such as Oklahoma, the primary is “closed”, meaning only those who are registered to vote Republican by a certain date may vote in the primary election. The reason for this restriction is that the primary election is the process to select the candidate that will represent that political party – and the platform, beliefs, values and virtues of that party – in the general election. In other states, there is an “open” primary, meaning anyone registered to vote can cross party lines (which obviously can present some serious problems).… Keep Reading


A True Liberty Conservative

Dr. Dave Brat truly embodies what it means to be a Liberty Conservative. This libertarian-leaning economics professor, Tea Party activist and family man recently achieved the greatest political upset of the decade in a historic primary challenge against the third most powerful elected Republican in the United States, Eric Cantor, and his $2 million war chest. Brat has humble roots. He grew up a devout Protestant in Detroit, the son of a medical doctor and a social worker. He then travelled to Virginia and Princeton for college and earned degrees in divinity and business administration along with a doctorate in economics, before going on to serve as a professor at a liberal arts college in Richmond, where he stood true to his faith in God and the free market, despite strong intellectual opposition from the collegiate elite. He was finally appointed to advise Virginia Governor Tim Kaine on economic policy, a surprising move for a liberal Democrat such as Kaine. While by no means a radical, Brat is an… Keep Reading


Jack Kingston For Senate In Georgia!

Liberty Conservatives is  honored to announce our endorsement of Rep. Jack Kingston to be the next senator to represent Georgia. Throughout his career, he has a consistent record of cutting spending, passing bills to stop radical government encroachments, and defending our civil liberties. His runoff opponent is a liberal RINO who proudly supports “fixing” Dodd-Frank instead of repealing it, raising taxes (2), and defending Common Core. We cannot afford this radical leftist in Georgia. Jack Kingston has not been perfect, and we have squabbled with him on some appropriation bills. But on the Appropriations committee, he was recognized as one of the most conservative members, with RedState even endorsing him for the chairmanship. And we are confident with a review of Kingston’s record that he will protect the sanctity of life, defend the 2nd Amendment (unlike his runoff opponent), oppose the Patriot Act and the NSA, fight tax increases, and cut spending. First, Rep. Jack Kingston has always been a favorite of Conservatives and Tea Partiers throughout the country. In 2010, tea partiers supported Kingston’s… Keep Reading


How Standing With Rand Has Broadened The Liberty Movement

Recently Steve Deace, a man for whom I have tremendous respect and admiration, had some very poignant questions as to Rand Paul’s commitment to upholding liberty principles. As a person in the liberty movement who supported Ron Paul and now Stands with Rand with conviction that runs just as deep, I had some immediate thoughts on how to answer the questions posed. Deace asks of the liberty movement “Is it a movement to advance a slate of issues/principles, or is it a movement intended to get Rand Paul elected the next president of the United States? The truth is if it’s the latter, that’s precisely how Rand will never win—as the civil rights and Religious Right movements of yesteryear can now attest. Once the acquisition of power replaces the mission the vision becomes compromised, and so does the movement.” I would start by stating, unequivocally, that the liberty movement is not about one man nor has it ever been, despite how the media attempted to portray us as the “cult of… Keep Reading

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